Rank higher in Google searches by writing better articles, blogs, and content without ever leaving Microsoft Word.

SEO Checkmark is perfect for beginners, but robust enough for seasoned writers. Automatically check your blogs, articles, and web content to ensure they're properly optimized to rank high in search engines. Never forget a critical step that can ruin your rankings ever again.

What It Automatically Checks For You

  • Keyword Optimization - Primary and Secondary
  • Heading and Structure Analysis
  • Power Words Enhancement
  • Optimal Readability and Grade Level Scoring
  • Keyword Stuffing Protection
  • External and Internal Linking
  • Voice Search and Snippet Checks
  • Specific Checks Based on Content Type (8 Variations)

Give your website the jump start it needs to rank higher on the search engines like Google

Why SEO Checkmark?

✔️ Simple, and easy-to-use

✔️ Perfect for beginners but robust enough for seasoned writers

✔️ Tells you EXACTLY what to do to better optimize your content to rank higher

✔️ Run the software an unlimited number of times; no data caps

✔️ Actually affordable; only $11 a month

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SEO Checkmark Benefits

  • Improved Workflows - Better Content, Faster
  • Optimal Content
  • Simplified Interface
  • Easy Installation
  • Regular Updates
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Optimize 8 Different Types of Web Content

Improved Workflows - Better Content, Faster

Optimize your web content without needing to leave Microsoft Word. No need to input your writing into a content managment system or make the page live to get help.

Optimal Content

Simply put, this tool will help you create the most search engine-friendly content. If visibility with your readers and customers on search engines is important, this is the tool you've been looking for.

Simplified Interface

SEO Checkmark is designed to be user friendly. We don't overload you with too much information that will just confuse you. This software hits the core checks and changes you need to make to get your content turbocharged.

Easy Installation

SEO Checkmark is a Microsoft Word Add-On that you download directly to your computer. It takes less than two minutes to set up and can easily be toggled on and off right inside your document.

Regular Updates

What it takes to rank on page one of search engines is constantly changing. SEO Checkmark is regularly updated to reflect the latest changes to search engine algorithms to give you the best chance to rank higher.

24/7 Customer Support

There's no reason to go this fight alone. Our team of experts are available 24/7 to give you top-notch support to get started and to get the most out of the power SEO Checkmark has to offer.

Optimize 8 Different Types of Web Content

SEO Checkmark understands that not all web content is created equal. Your search engine optimizations should reflect the type of content you're writing and your intended goal. Our software allows you to select the type of content you're writing and provides solutions based on your input.

  • General Web Content - Our SEO software works for all types of web content. Regardless of what you're writing, the goal is to be found in search engines.
  • Blog Posts - Optimize your blog posts to rank higher in the search engines to better reach and effectively engage your audience.
  • Static Content - Unlike blogs, static pages will be around on your website for a long time meaning proper SEO optimization is that much more important.
  • Short Product Descriptions - If people can't find your product online, they can't buy it. Our tool helps you fully optimize short product descriptions.
  • Long Product Descriptions - Longer product descriptions create unique opportunities to rank in multiple searches as long as they are optimized properly.
  • Technical Blog Posts - Highly technical or industry specific blog posts need special SEO attention to ensure they're included in relevant niche searches.
  • News Posts - News, current events, and updates are a great way to drive website traffic, but proper SEO is required to get ranked on the first page.
  • Longform Content - Longer form posts have always been an effective search engine ranking tool, but they require special parameters to get the most value.

Frequently Asked Questions - SEO Checkmark

How does SEO Checkmark work?

SEO Checkmark is a Microsoft Word add-on. When you download and install the software, it works right inside of Word. There is no need to upload your content into a content management system or make it live on the web to get SEO analysis and help. Simply turn the software on from inside of Word, input the type of content and the keywords you want to rank for, and let SEO Checkmark work its magic.

The program will analyze your content for hundreds of checks and let you know what what's right, what's wrong, and what needs work. Additionally, it will show and tell you what you need to fix to improve the search engine optimization of your content. By handling all of this inside of Word, it helps to increase your productivity and eliminates unnecessary back and forth between writers, content management systems, editors, and clients.

Additionally, you can print or attach a full SEO report to your content if you've got a partner, editor, or client that wants the information. 

What versions of Microsoft Word is SEO Checkmark compatible with?

Currently, SEO Checkmark works with the PC desktop version of Microsoft Word. In the future, we will be releasing versions compatible with MAC OS, Office 365, and the Chrome web browser. When those versions are available, all users with an active license will have access to all versions of the software.

Is the software unlimited usage or are there added costs?

No limits at all! You can use SEO Checkmark for as many pieces of content as you want as long as you have an active license. The only limitation is one user and one active device per account license. 

What types of content does SEO Checkmark work for?

SEO Checkmark understands that not all web content is created equally. Your search engine optimization strategies need to reflect the specific type of content you are creating. When you use this software, you'll be able to select from the following:

  • General Web Content
  • Blog Posts
  • Technical Blog Posts
  • Static Content
  • Short Product Descriptions
  • Long Product Descriptions
  • News Posts
  • Long-Form Content

What are the different checks SEO Checkmark does?

SEO Checkmark performs hundreds of checks on your content to ensure it is optimized for maximum exposure and ranking power. The main categories checked by the software include:

  • Overall SEO Score
  • Primary Keyword Optimization 
  • Secondary Keyword Optimization
  • Heading Placement and Structure
  • Content Readability Analysis
  • Difficulty of Readability Analysis
  • External and Internal Linking
  • Multiple Checks to Protect Against Keyword Stuffing
  • Voice Search and Snippet Favorability Analysis
  • Power Word Enhancement Checks and Density

Are there future plans for expansion of SEO Checkmark's reach?

Yes! We will continue to expand the product in two ways. First, all users with an active license will receive regular updates to reflect the most up to date SEO rules and practices. This ensures the software stays on the cutting edge of the industry and gives you the best opportunity to rank on the first page.

Second, we will be expanding the usage of the software to include MAC compatibility, Office 365 web-based compatibility, and a Chrome-based browser extension. All users with an active license will have full access to these products when they are released at no extra charge.